Welcome to the web-page of Heslington Beavers

What are Beavers?

Beavers are boys and girls aged between 6 and 8 and is the youngest section of the Scout Movement. Beavers meet together as a colony and work together in small groups calls lodges. Our Beaver Meetings take place on Mondays from 6.10pm to 7.30 pm

The theme of the programme is Fun and Friendship. We play lots of games and introduce learning through play. When your child first joins Beavers they will be asked to do a membership badge. This involves finding out about what we do and making a promise.

Motto and promise

The Beaver Scout Motto is:Be Prepared

The Beaver Scout Promise is: I promise to do my best, To be kind and helpful, And to love God.


Beavers participate in a stimulating programme of activities which over a period covers five zones:

  1. Getting to know other people
  2. Learning about yourself
  3. Discovering creativity and practical skills
  4. Exploring the world around you
  5. Discovering beliefs and attitudes

Beavers are encouraged to complete Challenge Awards. Once a Beaver has completed two Challenge Awards,they are set a Personal Challenge to complete the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, which is the highest Beaver Scout award.


Please email a joining enquiry to see if there is a place available, to the Beaver Leader:-

beavers [at]  — replacing [at] with @ please, and no spaces

After a Beaver has attended a few meetings there is an investiture ceremony, to which parents are invited, at which the Beaver will make the Beaver Promise and be presented with membership badges and a Heslington Scout Group necker.


Subscriptions are payable on the first meeting of each term.