Meetings are held at the Scout Hut on School lane, Heslington between 6:15 and 7:45.

7th January Problem solving skills and getting to know you games

14th January Evening Hike around the University

21st January Problem solving skills and Pack Forum

28th January Shadow Puppets

4th February Visit to Astro Campus at York University

11/02/2016: Disability Awareness

18/02/2016: Half Term – no meeting

25/02/2016: Disability awareness

03/03/2016: Disability Awareness

10/03/2016: Navigator MM Away, so we need an additional Leader. Divide pack into 2 Half based in Hut are asked to draw a map of their local area near their house. They are then given a street map and have to identify where the hut is on the map and where their house is. They also have to identify where police station is and where hospital is etc. Remainder have to bring equipment suitable for an evening’s walk. They are given a copy of google map with some street names missing. They have to go an identify the streets.

17/03/2016: Navigator MM away, need an additional Leader Pack divided into 2 as per last week. Half that were in the hut last week have to bring equipment and go on google street name walk. Remainder go on to Church field where they find out about setting a map and walking on a bearing.

24/03/2016: Navigator Divide pack into 2 as per previous 2 weeks. Half are on the church field finding out how to set a map and take a bearing. Remainder in the hut drawing route maps to show how to get from hut to nearest petrol station, post office, post box, phone box, police station. Plus understand the key of a map.

14/04/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Skills Evening – Cook a Meal
Set a table, plus prepare a meal including peeling veg.
21/04/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Skills Evening – Bike Maintenance
MM Away
28/04/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Road Safety badge
05/05/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Visit to Mosque
12/05/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Evening at Snowball
19/05/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Camp preparation evening
26/05/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): No Cub meeting
02/06/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): No Cub Meeting
09/06/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Bike / Hike Evening
MM Away
Either Cycle to Rowntree Park or Hike down Outgang
16/06/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Visit to St Nicks
23/06/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Africa themed evening
30/06/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Global Issues evening
07/07/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Global issues Evening
14/07/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Global Issues Evening
21/07/2016 (18:15 to 19:45): Water sports party

Future Events:

March 2016
5th March – Cubs District Basketball Tournament – Manor School. Due to a lack of interest Heslington will not be participating.
6th March – City all Sections Chess Competition – White Rose House, Wheldrake
TBA – City camp cooking competition

April 2016
17th April – St George’s Day Parade. This year outdoors. Meet at Cliffords Tower circa 1:00pm

May 2016
7th May – Five–a–side Football at Dunnington
7th May – Bellboating on the River Ouse in York. Cost £5. Full.
27th till 30th May – County Cub Camp, Pateley Bridge. Cost circa £50.00. Please let us know by 4th Feb if your son/ daughter wants to take part. £35 deposit due by 18th February.

June 2016
18th June – City Cub Thank You Event – St Sampsons Square. Souvenir Coin for Treasure Hunt in City Centre

July 2016
8th to 10th July – City Cub Camp, Snowball. Cost circa £25.00. Please let us know by 4th February if your son/ daughter wants to take part.

September 2016
9th September – Cubs & Scouts Link Up Camp – Blackhills
30th September – Group camp.
December 2016
16th December – City Cub Centenary Party – University 6pm-9pm