Scouts meets on Friday nights during school term time. Meetings take place place at the scout hut in Heslington unless the programme states otherwise.

We try to get out and about as much as possible have have as many activities as possible.


When you’re doing these activities you will also be learning new things like map-reading, fire-lighting, first-aid, cookery (yes, cookery, Scouts sometimes cook for themselves on Friday nights).

RIMG0130The Scouts usually have:

  • A trip to a mountain hostel in spring
  • A camp in July
  • A two day hiking expedition
  • One or two over night trips to the North York Moors
  • Individual expeditions for Chief Scout’s Award and other badges



You will also learn other very valuable if less obvious skills like:

  • How to relate to different sorts of people.
  • How to work in a group to achieve a common goal.
  • How to think through problems and solve them.
  • RIMG0116


    Please email a joining enquiry to see if there is a place available, to the Scout Leader:-

    edetc[at]  — replacing [at] with @ please, and no spaces