Kids are great aren’t they? Scouting is fun. If you enjoy songs, games, fires, ropes, rivers, mountains, tents, and generally having a good time then why not lend us a hand? You might be suprised how much you enjoy it!

We can accept volunteers as Assistant Leaders in any of our sections depending on your own interests and the age range you would feel most comfortable supporting.FIRE-SINGER2

It is not essential to have any prior knowledge or particular ability, as we can give you full training for whatever you might like to undertake, whether that is with our youngest Members to help them in games, or to camp in the wilds with our eldest. Your most valuable qualities will be a sense of fun and an appreciation of the enthusiasm and energy of young people.

You will find yourself involved in a whole range of activities which probably don’t figure much in your life at the moment, and it could add a whole new dimension.

As an Assistant Leader, you would be needed to help at meetings one evening per week (during term, if you are an undergraduate); plus occasionally there are other trips etc to help on if you are available, such as sleepovers, night hikes, camps etc etc.

We are looking for people who are willing to be relied upon to help most weeks, over a period of around two years whilst at University for example, and who are willing to accept the ethos of the Scout Association and become a uniformed Assistant Leader.
In return, you stand to be rewarded handsomely, in every way except money!

If you feel interested, you are very welcome to have an informal chat with the Group Scout Leader, Mark Draper and maybe pay a visit to a section meeting one evening to see what it’s like.

email gsl [at] heslingtonscoutgroup.org.uk — replacing [at] with @ please